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5. Save the Pink Temporary License

Solano DUI Pink TemporaryAfter most Solano County DUI arrests, the police keep your California driver license, and give you this pink sheet of paper (click on picture to right) as a replacement driver license. This temporary license is your new license, which required to be on your person while driving, and has important information of value to both you and to your Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville DUI lawyer (see the information in Tip #3 above under "Contact DMV").

Click here to see a real example of this type of notice: DMV Pink Temporary License, or here for the older 2016 version, or here for the older 2015 version, or here for the older 2012 version, or here for the older 2010 version, or older 2009 version, or older 2008 version, or older 2006 version.

Click here for the pink temporary license in Spanish, or the older Spanish 2015 version, or the older Spanish 2012 version, or the older Spanish 2010 version, or the older Spanish 2008 version. You can find additional information provided by the DMV regarding issues considered at the DMV hearing, penalties and restricted licenses on page 2 (the reverse) of this pink temporary license.

The best Solano DUI lawyers will tell you the most important aspect of this pink temporary license is that the pink license is only valid for 30 days, and if you don't act to protect your rights within ten days of the DUI arrest date (the arrest date is usually hand-written at the top of the pink license), then in most cases your privilege to drive in California would be suspended after the 30-day pink license expires. You should check out Jake's quick instruction video about the pink temporary license by clicking here: Jake's Short Instruction Video.

Knowlegeable Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI lawyers will tell you that the under age 21 minors DUI procedures in Solano are very similar. Click here to see an example of the Under Age 21 Pink Temporary License, and here for the older 2008 version, or older 2004 version. Click here for the Under Age 21 Spanish Language Pink Temp.

Much more information about Easing the Consequences and Getting Your License Back can be found on this site. And if you didn't get this pink temporary license (search your pockets from the day of arrest, your wallet/purse and your vehicle compartments, where Fairfield, Vallejo and other Solano County DUI arresting officers may have placed it for you), then talk to a Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville DUI lawyer about what this means, and why you may or may not wish to ask the Solano County arresting agency to give it to you. A Solano DUI attorney may be able to save you enormous inconvenience.

Note that some local agencies outside Solano County, such some police agencies in Marin, generate their DMV documents by computer so the temporary license looks almost identical to the examples in the links above, except your copy is typed and white rather than handwritten and pink. Click here for an example of this Computer Generated "Pink" Temporary License.


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