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4. What if my prior DUI conviction wasn't in Solano County?

license platesSometimes, prior DUI convictions from other jurisdictions, such as other California counties or other states, may not be properly seen by the Solano County courts, and sometimes even by the Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville DMV. Although it's not often that the Solano County DA misses a prior conviction, and this is not a development good DUI lawyers plan for, nonetheless it can and does happen and the best Solano DUI lawyers watch for it and then handle it extremely carefully.

Striking a Prior DUI Conviction. Good Solano DUI lawyers understand that if the prior DUI conviction, which is causing a new case to be considered far too severely, was in a different jurisdiction which has different laws than California's specific DUI laws (CVC 23626), then your local Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville DUI attorney may be able to cause the prior conviction to be ignored by filing a "Motion to Strike" the prior conviction from consideration. This is particularly true in cases where the prior DUI conviction was in another state where there are additional or differing ways to be convicted of a DUI offense as compared to California, such as "command and control" states, or "impaired to the slightest degree" states. Ask a Solano DUI lawyer about these concepts.

Violation of Prior DUI Probation. If a prior conviction was recent and an accused may also be in violation of probation for that prior conviction, but the probation is in another jurisdiction such as Napa or Marin County, or even in another state, then it is unlikely that an additional Violation of Probation ("VOP") charge will appear on the Solano County complaint following the latest DUI arrest, meaning that jail exposure is less in Fairfield, but a separate VOP case may arise in the other jurisdiction where the prior conviction occurred. Consult with a DUI lawyer in Solano County and any other applicable jurisdiction about your specific cases.


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