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2. Will I go to jail?

work release applicationDon't convict yourself yet! There are tons of ways to win a DUI case or reduce the charges after arrest. Click on Ten Tips For Fighting a DUI to see a sample listing.

But if no viable defenses are present in a case, usually second offenders can avoid actual time behind bars by arranging for a jail alternative. See Jake's Short Video, "Am I Going to Jail." However, the best Solano DUI lawyers know that the District Attorney's office is becoming increasingly insistent on actual jail time (no jail alternatives) when aggravating factors are present such as a violation of probation in a recent prior DUI conviction. It would not be unusual for the Assistant DA to seek actual jail time in most third offense DUI cases.

A careful and sincere demonstration of a multiple offender's commitment to sobriety after arrest, and no more driving, can go a long way to softening both the District Attorney and the court, particularly if alcohol levels are low in the new case, and driving behavior was relatively safe. We nearly universally requires our multiple offender clients to attend a minimum of five AA meetings per week plus an additional layer of counseling or outpatient treatment, simply to keep clients out of jail during the case, not to mention mitigating any possible sentencing following the case if there are no viable DUI defenses.

For the third or more offender, day for day residential treatment credits are often an available alternative against any subsequent jail sentence. The services of a local Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville attorney following a DUI arrest are nearly always critical with respect to obtaining a bearable resolution if there are no viable defenses in a DUI case. Click here for Ten Tips for the First 48 Hours and look under "Fixing Trigger Problems" to find a more detailed discussion of actions which can be taken now to mitigate initial court concerns as well as the severity of any future jail sentence.

DUI court is also an alternative for second and third offenders and is discussed in the "Jail Alternatives" section of Ten Tips For Easing the Consequences. Consult with a Solano County DUI lawyer about your specific case.


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