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10. What about my job?

bossMany people arrested for a DUI want to know how such an incident might affect their job and their future, and if they should tell their boss about a DUI arrest. A good Solano County DUI lawyer will likely say that, unless obligated by law or contract (rare) to inform your employer about a major traffic incident or an arrest, you should understand that an arrest is not a conviction, and ultimately you may be found not guilty, or your case may resolve as something other than a DUI. Therefore, rather than trying to be honest by announcing incomplete facts and worrisome events now, the most conservative approach in most cases is to resist the temptation to share early information with anyone right after an arrest, understanding this may be far more confusing than helpful to an employer before you have a complete and correct understanding of the final outcome and practical effects.

For a detailed list of many professions, with examples of DUI effects, and applicable professional regulations, and notice or disclosure requirements, click on our Solano DUI Lawyer "Job Effects" discussion under the link below, and read about the effects of a DUI arrest and conviction on various jobs and careers, as well as the DMV's employer "pull notice" program where the DMV informs employers directly if the employee signed a prior consent authorization (also rare, usually at the time of hiring), under Ten Tips for Easing the Consequences of a DUI. Consult with a Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville DUI attorney about your specific case.


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