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Real Thank You Statements From Over One Hundred Former DUI Clients:

Any result portrayed was dependent on the facts of that case, and the results will differ if based on different facts. Understand that results vary with individual circumstances and no Sonoma County DUI lawyer can ethically guarantee a specific result, or even predict an outcome in Sonoma County Superiolano County DUI lawyer can ethically guarantee a specific result, or even predict an outcome in Solano County Superior Court or at the Santa Rosa DMV, until after being retained and following thorough legal analysis of your unique case. Some Solano County DUI clients walk with terrific results, others get the help they need from a compassionate, dedicated, and thorough Fairfield, Vacaville and Vallejo DUI attorney, to get through a bad situation, get past it, and get on with their lives...

"Do it the right way! No matter what background you have or no matter what your friends tell you; this is one of the most serious matters in your life, and unless you are an attorney yourself, get an expert like Jake (who is local too), to guide you through this! The complexities and timeliness of a DUI conviction are crucial, and every detail matters, so if you can get through the process faster, more efficiently, and maybe even with less punishment, Jake is there for you. Not only is he reliable and knowledgeable in this area, but he's always there when you need him (text /email /phone) and he's a nice guy too! A lot of people wander lost through the courts, jail, DMV, insurance, and DUI classes, and suffer even longer as a result of not knowing the ins and outs of the process. There were people in my DUI class mocking me for getting an attorney, yet they didn't even know you could be driving again (restricted of course) in 30 days! Jake will clearly lead you through it and if you do your part it's almost over before you know it! You already slipped up once, don't do it again; get the right guy to help you out. Thanks Jake! And yes, I am a real client."

K.W., Santa Rosa

Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI lawyer thank you card"I am an attorney in Los Angeles and when my 20-year old son was charged with a DUI in Rohnert Park, I searched for the best attorney to handle the case. We were fortunate to find Jake who knows the law, the prosecuters, judges and DMV personnel which makes a difference in handling a DUI case involving a minor where the law is essentially zero tolerance. Jake was always available to answer questions, was honest, straightforward and put our minds at ease that we would get the best results possible. To our amazement, Jake was able to negotiate a full court and DMV dismissal so there is no criminal conviction, license suspension or insurance hit. Thank you, Jake, from our entire family!"

B.I., Father of Son Charged with DUI

"If you find yourself on this page please read all the testimonies here. I myself ended up in a dire situation facing very serious consequences for a second offense. In a state of panic, I contacted several attorney's immediately, after a night in jail and without giving it enough thought, and hired the first one to answer . . . It however didn't take me long to realize that I made a serious mistake. This particularly after finding Jake's extensive and well thought-through website. I subsequently fired my first attorney after speaking to Jake. Few, if any in Solano County have such an extensive knowledge as to the law/DMV/Court System, etc., and how to deal with what you have to go through in all aspects. Jake put my fears to rest and thoughtfully and carefully guided me through all the "hoops," and on a second offense there are alot of them. Jake was instrumental in helping me with the best possible outcome, given the severity of consequences and penalties. So don't fool yourself. If you are here and have yet to call Jake, then do so. You owe it to yourself even if you already have retained a lawyer. I highly recommend Jake and I am very grateful for his sincerity and the concern and care he afforded me. Way to go Jake."

C.O., Glen Ellen

"Do not look any further for an attorney! Read just a few of these thank you and testimonials and recognize that Jake is the man. He is not too expensive and the outcome is well worth the cost for counsel. Jake knows the law and what he is doing when he represents you. Being from out of state I was extremely worried about logistics, time, and cost of my penalties for my huge mistake. After the first time I spoke with Jake, he was reassuring and confident and I carried that with me up to sentencing where my charges were reduced and my penalties were manageable. Whatever it takes, secure Jake Schwartz if you find yourself facing a DUI anywhere in Sonoma County."

C.T., Hawaii

"Jake, It now has been over a year since my court date, all is well. I want to truly thank you for the great job you did for me! We are so glad you were my lawyer."

J.A., Novato

"Jake, Thanks for all of your help. You have made this a smooth and organized process. While this event was a horrible situation for me, the phone call to you the morning after my DUI was the best thing that I could have done. While it has been a pleasure working with you on my case, please don't take offense when I say that I hope we never have to work together again."

M.M., Petaluma

"The only DUI attorney that matters is Jake. Forget any others, as Jake is the only truly qualified DUI attorney in Northern California - perhaps the entire state. I had my fears completely eased by Jake's experience, tenacity, focus and dedication. I felt like I was his only client and that I mattered to him, not financially, but empathetic ally in my legal situation. Sharp, friendly, warm spirited, great sense of humor. I endorse Jake of my own freewill and have had no monies paid to me for these statements. So there."

M.O., Sonoma

"After a hellish evening in Santa Rosa, I was unsure where to turn. My DUI, on a day that was supposed to have been a romantic getaway, had become a nightmare. I turned to Jake, and he took care of everything I could have asked for, allowing me to move on with my life. I didn't have to come up to Santa Rosa a single time, and he helped me get a great outcome, with a reduction of charges and lower fines and classes. Thanks for all the help, Jake! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone."

D.R., San Francisco

"Hey D.F., thanks for having the statute forwarded to me. It appears to me that your California DUI lawyer [Dave Jake Schwartz] has done an outstanding job. I am confident that the statute to which you are pleading no contest is not something that would cause Illinois to suspend or revoke your license. Your lawyer couldn't have done a better job given the circumstances. You ought to name your firstborn after him."

Attorney Paul Heinrich, Geneva, Illinois

Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI attorney thank you card saying Awesome "From the moment I was arrested for a DUI I had no idea what I needed to do or how I was going to do it. I am a New York resident and was arrested in Sonoma County, California. After first speaking with Jake he put my mind at ease and reassured me that it was not the end of the world like I had felt. He helped me through every step of the process and explained everything very simply all along the way. He even helped with what I needed to do in New York since this was an out of state incident. Jake, thanks for all the help and as much as you helped I hope I won’t need your help again."

B.P., New York

"I chose Jake after speaking to several other attorneys because it was made clear to me how professional he was and willing to help me to make the best out of my situation. He was very genuine and easily accessible for means of communication when I needed to talk. He helped my life become easier and more manageable after I messed up by making reckless decisions. I highly recommend Jake because he went the distance and more to help me out with my court situation and he will do the same for you!"

E.D., Rohnert Park

"After the going through the shock of getting arrested and spending the night in jail, this first-time offender was totally lost in what to do next. A friend of mine had heard of Jake, and it was the first and only call I made. He was extremely knowledgeable about my rights and what needed to be done next. He gave me options, ideas, and a timeline of what to do and when to do it. Jake saved me a lot of time and allowed me to put this behind me quicker than had I tried to navigate the maze of rules and regulations by myself. Trust the testimonials and allow Jake to put your unfortunate experience behind you."

J.L., Yountville

"Hi Jake, my only regret, other than driving home that night, was that I didn't call you sooner. I was so preoccupied with getting my license back today, that I nearly forgot about my court date yesterday. Thanks for appearing on my behalf. Everything went well at the DMV and I now have my restricted license. They asked if I had contacted their Mandatory Actions Unit, I hadn't. I didn't need to! You provided me with the exact steps to follow. Thanks again."

D.S., Petaluma

"Jake Schwartz is the man! The worst part of getting the DUI was the unknown. I had no idea what to expect or do. From the very first phone call, before I had even hired him, Jake was giving me sound advice and explaining the details that I needed to know. I didn’t have time to think and stress about legal paperwork, court dates, or what I was going to have to do to get through this. I didn’t have to, Jake had me covered. It was essential I continue driving for work until my busy season cooled off. Jake made this happen. I would recommend Jake to anyone who has received a DUI in Sonoma County. I almost don’t regret my DUI for the pleasure of working with Jake Schwartz. Thanks for everything Jake!"

C.B., Sebastopol

"I am sure many folks out there are in a similar situation to the one I was in a few months back: overwhelmed, depressed, and panicked. Trust me: You need to call Jake Schwartz.  At the very least, you will benefit from talking to an experienced lawyer like him.  And if you decide to hire him, he will give you the time, energy, and support you deserve.  You might really luck out like I did - Jake was able to get my DUI knocked down to a Wet Reckless.  Hiring Jake was the best decision I made after my admittedly stupid decision to drive after drinking.  He saved me so much time, money, and stress!"

J.S., Santa Rosa

"During the extremely stressful experiences that my DUI and Violation of Probation presented to me, Jake truly stood out as someone who not only cared for my well-being but was also entirely effective and successful in advocating for my best interests. I would recommend him highly, and I am grateful for what he brought to what I first felt was a hopeless situation."

B.D., Santa Rosa

Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI lawyer thank you card saying Outstanding"Dear Jake, I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding, professional service you provided me during this arduous and difficult process. I greatly appreciate all the time, effort, and hard work that you put into the preparation of my case. In the end, I feel fortunate to have had you represent me, and because of you, I had the least possible consequences. It was a very stressful time and the process seemed difficult and long. However, you are an excellent attorney and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone in need of a competent, meticulous, diligent, and moreover you are an extremely patient and sensitive, attorney. I really cannot imagine going through this process without your counsel. Again, many, many thanks and warm regards."

G.B., Davis

"Somehow Jake was able to work miracles for me. He was extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of law that needed to be dealt with, not only the DUI. He managed to fight and beat an old hit and run case I didn't even know about, got it dismissed outright, and we avoided a second DUI conviction with some quick thinking and sharp maneuvering. He is very honest, professional and very good at communicating all the options available. Jake will definitely go the extra mile. It seemed to me that he has a passion for what he does and I felt like I wasn't just a client number, a rubber stamp defense, and a paycheck. Thanks Jake – you're the man!"

G.D., Sonoma, CA

"It is difficult to put into words, just how professional and efficient Jake has been throughout this process. He has not only proven to be expert at DUI law, he has shown he will go above and beyond the efforts of most attorneys, and it shows in the results! Jake has been both extremely patient and supportive and has treated me with respect, making a very challenging time a lot less difficult! He deserves the upmost regard and I would not hesitate to recommend him! Thank you Jake."

L.C., Rohnert Park

"Jake was the lifeline we needed. His expertise and knowledge was obvious from the first interview. He went above and beyond at every turn, and supported us throughout a very difficult time. Thanks to this wonderful attorney, my husband finally stands the chance of getting back behind the driving seat sooner than we had anticipated. We will always recommend Jake unreservedly."

S.E.D., Petaluma

"Hey Jake, You did what I thought wasn't possible and got my charges reduced. No jail time and reduced fines. I really appreciate your hard work. I hope nobody I know ever has the unfortunate instance of getting arrested for a DUI but if so I know who I'll recommend. Thanks again Jake!"

S.K., Rohnert Park

"First I would like to apologize for the long delay writing the review, especially in light of the tremendous outcome of my [second DUI] case. If anyone is in need of a lawyer to be represented in a DUI case, you are in LUCK being in the hands of Jake. I thought for sure I would have my driving privileges taken away for a fair amount of time and many more dollars owed to the court, DMV and DUI classes. In fact I was in a hurry to have my case settled and move forward with whatever the court decided was my "penance" owed to get my life back in order. Especially given the fact this was not my first DUI case, but thank goodness for Jake's advice and expertise. My DUI was downgraded to a "Wet Reckless" through the court and DMV! This has saved me many dollars and my driving privilege was never suspended. I highly recommend Jake to represent you with any DUI case you may have to settle and be assured you will be in good hands!"

A.R., Santa Rosa

"I am so thankful to have hired Jake as my lawyer. He handled the entire situation for me and really put me at ease through the entire process. He made everything as easy as possible for me and was able to calm my nerves. Thanks to Jake I never had to step foot in a courtroom and I always felt like I was in great hands!"

A.G., Los Angeles

"After being arrested, I knew that I needed an attorney to protect my rights and ensure the best possible outcome. I did some research and found Jake's website, which contained an incredible amount of information. It completely clarified the process for me. Romelli Bail Bonds further endorsed Jake. I sent Jake the pertinent details of my situation and was pleasantly surprised when he called me back first thing the next morning. After speaking with him, I knew he was the right attorney for me. He took care of every detail, from dealing with the DMV, to getting my conviction reduced to a wet reckless. It was the best possible outcome with the least possible stress. He also provided me with clear and complete instructions on how to proceed after my conviction so that I could get my license back and put the incident behind me as quickly as possible. I am extremely grateful to Jake and would strongly recommend him to anyone facing a similar situation. He is very responsive, extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, or a finer attorney. Thanks again for everything."

T.V., Santa Rosa

"I am here to tell all how much I appreciate and value Jake's help getting me through this mess; my second "wet reckless". If you are unlucky enough to have something akin to this befall you - don't call Uncle George, your brother-in-law's neighbor, or someone you used to know who happens to be a lawyer and who "owes you one". Forget these notions. No one is going to do you any favors. Take it from me. Call someone who really, REALLY knows this area of the law, who has lots and lots of experience, and who knows how unbelievably miserable you feel. This is what Jake does, and he does it flawlessly. Jake guided and advised me, and got me through it with a minimum of pain and expense. Which is not to say "no pain and expense". What with fines, fees for this and that, DUI class "dues", and increased insurance costs, your bank account will take a nasty hit. And of course you have to pay Jake. The best money I ever spent. He litigated with the court and with the DMV and I kept my license. And my freedom, sanity, etc. He told me what to expect, and what to do about it, step by step. He was reassuring without coming up with some cockamamie story about how he was going to get my case thrown out of court. I lived through it, and I will live through the interminable DUI classes. And I thank Jake every day. And you will, too."

B.C., Penngrove

Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI attorney thank you card saying Awesome "Thank you so much Jake for all of the hard work you did for my case. This was definitely the best experience I have ever had with an attorney. Not only did you work hard to bring me justice and peace of mind, but did so with complete integrity and competency. I will happily recommend you to anyone who needs someone to represent them and fight for their rights. You are awesome!"

A.L., Guerneville

"Jake is one of the easiest men to talk to; I never wanted to call a lawyer in my entire life but hearing from him was not only easy but relieving. I asked the impossible of this man and he pulled it off. There is absolutely no other person I would trust with my legal proceedings than him. Jake, you're made of Magic!"

M.L., Santa Rosa

"Jake was a life saver!! Making that phone call the morning after getting my DUI was the best thing I could have ever done after this horrible experience. I called in tears when Jake assured me that I was going to get through this and that is wasn't the end of the world, which was how I was felt after being in jail all night. I was almost done with my two year school program when this happened so I was not able to miss any school or I would not graduate, Jake handled everything so I didn't miss any school for court reasons. I suggest you have Jake on your team to get you through this experience because there was so much information I had no idea how to handle or really understand. Jake is honest, so easy to talk to, great at explaining your options so you can understand them and always answered any of my questions along the way for he was always available by email or phone. So don't waste another minute debating if you should have Jake represent you as your DUI Attorney, pick up the phone and do it!! Jake knows the ins and outs of this area, the process, the courts, DMV and will get you through this awful experience with the best results and outcomes. Thank you Jake."

A.C., Santa Rosa

"If you get arrested for DUI in Sonoma County, you WILL need an attorney. You will need an expert on the DMV and the Courts. You need to hire Jake. I found Jake to be a very competent, experienced, friendly lawyer who helped me navigate me through all of the challenges presented by my getting a DUI. Jake's website is extremely comprehensive. It accurately defines all aspects of the DUI. After reading through his web site and seeing how well each issued was addressed, choosing Jake to represent me was an easy decision. He is an expert on DMV issues and does all he can to minimize your time off the road. Jake represented me in court. I never had to appear. His court experience is extremely valuable. Jake is friendly, understanding and very responsive. He is a very methodical, meticulous and conscientious attorney. If you find yourself on Jake's website, then it is time to call him. You will not regret it. In fact, you will be glad you did. Thanks Jake!"

D.B. Petaluma

"When I started this whole process with my second DUI offense I thought I was going to have a horrible long bad road ahead of me. However after searching for the right lawyer you were more than what I was looking for! You helped to make the process smooth and very clear, and without your assistance I would have been extremely less confident. With my case you helped the punishments to be the bare minimum, which was completely unexpected and gave me much relief. Your responses were persistent and quick and your answers were never short of information. Thank you so much for all the help I couldn't have gotten the results without you!"

A.I., Santa Rosa

"Thank you for all of your time and work. Being a pre-medical student, I initially feared that my future career goals were ruined and feared my life would irreversibly change due to the DUI. I was immediately put at ease about that worry, and the rest of the usual worries that may accompany a DUI, such as additional jail time, fines, etc... It was such a relief to not have to worry about any of this myself. I really got to step aside and focus on the more important things in my life, all the while knowing that things were getting done to the best of their ability. Given my circumstances, I feel I got off with the least amount of consequences possible. It was a great pleasure to work with you and if any of my family and friends have any issues that would require your service, I know exactly who to point them to. Thanks a lot Jake!"

B.A., Davis

Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI attorney thank you card saying Awesome

"Thank You Jake! From our first phone call to the final solution, you put me at ease each step of the way. You made me aware of the entire process and very quickly had it resolved. Your advice was invaluable. I am very appreciative you were able to get my DUI charges reduced to a wet reckless and my DMV record cleared so that I still have full driving privileges and my real license. I am also grateful you appeared in court for me and I did not have the burden or stress of having to attend any court hearings. Your professional advice and services are superlative. I am sure I will recommend you to anyone I know and highly recommend you to those I don't know! Thanks again and again. "

S.E., Guerneville

"I am from Southern California and was traveling to Sonoma for a wedding that my girlfriend was a bridesmaid in. I received a DUI and was very scared and had no idea what I was going to do, or what would happen. After my girlfriend, family and I researched lawyers in the Bay Area, we all came to the same decision that Jake Schwartz would be my attorney. What brought us to this decision was first off his own personal website. Very helpful, very informative, and you can tell Jake has top knowledge with DUIs. After calling and speaking to Jake, he calmed me down and took me through things step by step. He put my mind at ease. Jake was more than informative, compassionate, and very helpful. Jake went above and beyond for me and my family, and got the best possible results given my situation. I am forever grateful for attaining Jake as my attorney and want everyone else to know, if you need DUI representation, don't hesitate... CALL JAKE.

Jake, thank you so much for all of your help and extensive knowledge. You're very professional, and go above and beyond helping your clients receive the best outcome possible for their situation. You went to all ends and every step to help me and I am forever grateful for you and your services."

K.T., Riverside

"I cannot imagine going through a DUI conviction and hearing without the help of Jake. As a Sonoma county resident and teacher who had never had so much as a speeding ticket before my incident, I had no idea how harsh and process-oriented the penalties that accompany a first time DUI would be. Jake was calm, always responsive (answering emails and calls within minutes most of the time) and most importantly, highly qualified to handle my case. I never once had to appear in court and his handling of my case made the experience as stress-free as a DUI conviction can be. I highly recommend his services and believe that his fee is very competitive and fair in exchange for the services, insight, and expertise he offer."

K.K., Santa Rosa

"Getting my first DUI has been one of the most challenging and emotionally upsetting situations for me.  I have never had any interactions with the criminal justice system before!  I was quite frightened and feeling overwhelmed!!  But finding Dave Jake Schwartz turned out to be one of the most helpful and soothing balms in this process!  Not only is he very knowledgeable and full of years of practical experience in navigating both  the  criminal and DMV systems--which are 2 separate tracks -- he has been most responsive, timely, and professional in  all our  communications --  by phone, email, as well as in our face-to-face meeting.  I felt his genuine interest in helping me get the best legal results possible, and his explanations and guidance through each step of the process has been most reassuring.  He negotiated the best possible outcome for me, given my circumstances, and the results turned out as he had described them.  I felt he really went to bat for me in negotiating with the DA!!  Furthermore, his legal website is tremendously professional, informative and helpful--it is the best one I've seen on the internet!  Finally, his fees are very reasonable and extremely fair for the amount of service he provides.  While I hope I won't have any of my friends or colleagues getting a DUI in Sonoma County --  if they do --Jake is my #1 recommendation as their attorney!!"

M.K., Sonoma

Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI attorney thank you card saying Hero

"I never thought it would happen to me. Getting a DUI was this year was very traumatic experience, I remember waking up scared not knowing what I should do. I got online and after looking for legal help, I came across Dave Schwartz's name. I was very skeptical of hiring a lawyer because of the expense and the fact is that nothing is 100% guaranteed. I found great reviews for Dave and decided to call him. That same morning, we had a phone appointment on my initial call. He explained to me what to expect and his fees, I decided to move forward with him. From there, he took care of all the process and kept good communication with me. Although my Sonoma DUI case was odd we were not able to make it go away, he was very helpful with the entire process giving me peace of mind knowing that I didn't have to go to court or make any calls other than updates from him. I am very happy with his services and glad I made the call. "

J.D., Santa Rosa

"Freaked out after getting my first ever DUI, I scoured the internet for information. Of course there was so much information and misinformation. What I knew was that I needed help navigating through the court system as well as the DMV system and I decided there was no way I was going to attempt to get through this alone. Thankfully I found Jake on After reading every single one of the positive reviews, I knew I had to meet with him. Not only did he call me within minutes of my email, on a Saturday no less, but assured me that I would get through this just fine. The most important thing for me because of the type of work I do is that I keep driving was for as long as possible. I couldn't take time off work or work from home until the end of the year when things in my industry quiet down. Jake was able to do that as well as time everything perfectly so that I was able to get my restricted license back in time to drive to my first DUI class. It was a huge relief to be able to pay a reasonable fee to have someone who is trustworthy, kind, knowledgeable and effective. I would recommend anyone who is even hesitating for any reason to pull the trigger and just let Jake do the heavy lifting on your case. You will sleep better and be able to focus on your work and family without wondering daily if you are doing the right thing at the right time with regard to the courts and/or your driver's license."

S.F., Sonoma

"When I got my DUI I felt like society’s outcast, humiliated and with no one to turn to for support. Jake came to my rescue, guided me expertly through the whole complicated process, and resolved my case with a minimum of embarrassment and financial loss. I felt confident I had someone who was truly looking out for my interests, was non-judgmental, and knew his business better than anyone in Sonoma or Napa Counties. I could not have been in better hands."

A.B., Daly City, CA

"I was incredibly overwhelmed and panicked when I was arrested for my first offense DUI. I am so glad that I found Jake! He put my fears at ease and walked me through the whole process calmly and with confidence. I got the best result I could because of him and would highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in this scary situation. Thanks Jake! "

V.W., Oakland

"I am so happy that I found Jake to help me through my DUI. Once I received my DUI I felt helpless with no idea where I would even start. From the first phone call with Jake I was feeling better already. He made everything so smooth and easy, I don't know what I would have done without him. I would highly recommend hiring Jake to handle your DUI case he will take very good care of you. Big thanks!"

M.C., Sonoma

"After receiving my 3rd DUI, I knew that my life would certainly change. Jail time was imminent and my career was certainly at risk. I had not had any legal counsel for the two prior DUIs, but I knew that my 3rd would be different. I began searching the internet for something, although I had no idea what to look for. I found several attorney's that claimed to have experience with DUI representation, and specifically for the county that my DUI took place in. Initial conversations on the phone left me with even more doubt, as to a positive outcome in my case. There were a few attorney's that made promises and claims that seemed great, however I was skeptical. I had contacted Jake Schwartz and he promptly returned my call, which was the first sign of his professionalism and commitment to my case. After speaking with Jake for about 10 minutes, he made no promises, and in fact, gave me some research to do on my own. In a way I felt relieved by his honesty, and ultimately, this is why I chose him to represent me in this challenging case. Jake made several suggestions of what I should do, in order to receive the best outcome possible. I did exactly what he suggested, and a few months later, with his negotiating on my behalf, I received an offer from the court which did not include any jail time. I am grateful for a lot of things today as a result of this experience, and I have truly changed my life around for the better. Jake did exactly what he said he would, and he committed to resolving my legal issues. I am very grateful for his representation and I will refer him to anyone I know, going through any legal DUI issues. Jake, Thank you for your commitment and always being honest."

S.S., Napa

Solano County DUI attorney thank you card saying Great Job "Thank You Jake. You took the time to explain my options and the court's decision, so I could understand them. Your are an excellent lawyer. I got my charges reduced. I did not get my license suspended. I did not have to take a DUI class and you saved me a lot of money in fines. Thanks again Jake, you did a great job."

T.Y., Las Vegas

"While visiting Sonoma I stupidly indulged in excessive wine tasting and ended up crashing my car (no one hurt thank goodness), getting arrested for DUI and spending a night in jail. I've never been in jail before, much less arrested, so after my release I was humiliated and confused. I did not really understand the charges I was facing, and I soon learned that the sanctions I was facing, even as a first-time offender, could be severe including additional jail time. I was scared. I then surfed the internet, found Dave "Jake" Schwartz’s website and found a host of excellent information regarding how the DUI process works and how an out-of-state resident might handle it. Now much better informed, I contacted Jake and his soothing manner on the phone convinced me to retain him. After returning to New Mexico, we continued to communicate on my case as it wound its way through the court. And the case resolution was a great result, one count dropped and no additional jail time! And he was able to get the court to agree that I could take my DUI school in my home state. I never had to return to California, but when I do I would like to meet Jake and thank him in person."

G.M., Taos

"Once I determined that I needed legal representation, I was not sure where to turn. After researching the credentials and websites of several attorneys that handle DUI cases, I selected Jake due to the vast amount of information on his website and the fact that he exclusively works in the courts where my case was being tried. Jake was able to explain everything in a clear and easygoing fashion and helped me to make informed choices about how to proceed with my case. At all stages of my trial Jake kept me well informed, and he was able to negotiate a very favorable outcome for me. I am very glad that I chose Jake!"

B.L., Forestville

"Dear Jake, thank you so much for all your help during such a traumatic time. Beings that this was my first DUI, I was overwhelmed and confused, until I reached out for your services. You quickly made sense of the process to me and from there you guided me every step of the way, which relieved so much of the burden during this ordeal. Your professionalism and support were invaluable during this ordeal and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely,"

J.L., Willits

"The morning that I got released from the county jail for driving under the influence, I was completely worried and stressed about what my next step should be. I am a Virginia resident and was in California on vacation and had no idea how to deal with the situation that I put myself in. After doing some research I found Jake's website and decided to give me a call for a consultation. Right from the start Jake was completely helpful with a free phone consultation which lead to me hiring him to handle my case. This was the best choice I could have made. Jake handled all of my court proceedings, kept me up to date on what was going on with my case, and managed to reach a settlement that kept me from having to travel back to California for anything. Although I made a bad decision and put myself in a tough predicament, Jake made the entire ordeal manageable, and most importantly kept me out of jail. Thank you Jake!"

R.T., Virginia

“As far as congratulations go, my hat is off to Jake Schwartz.  From the minute he answered his phone to the handshake I received at the end of my sentencing (and beyond) Jake was a courteous, engaging, and compassionate professional.  One can judge from his website alone that he maintains an attitude of equal parts gravitas and irreverence, and meeting him in person one discovers a man gifted with illuminated discernment. When I got my DUI, I was terrified of the potential outcome and how it would affect my life.  After speaking with several less empathetic lawyers, I found Jake's phone number and called.  I'm unbelievably glad I did.  To say that he was helpful would be a laughable understatement.  Not only did his involvement solidify appropriate sentencing; during the preceding months he responded with  directness, intelligence, and alacrity to any and all questions, concerns, and possibilities regarding my DUI. I have rewritten this several times in an effort to keep it short, which is a daunting task as there are so many wonderful things to be said about Jake.  I hate to say that I had to recruit a DUI attorney--for obvious reasons no doubt--though having met and worked with Jake I can unquestionably claim that my life is notably enriched.  He has a contagious energy and inspiring passion, and as a result of my involvement with Jake I have become undeniably more capable in my 'day to day.' Simply put, he rocks.”

G.H., Napa

“Jake, many thanks for your help throughout this situation. A DUI is a serious matter and a highly regarded and competent local DUI lawyer like Jake helps ease an incredibly stressful situation. When I met with Jake, he clearly detailed all of the complexities of the case and all of my options. It also helped to have someone representing me whom I trusted, I am not living in Sonoma County. Jake was able to work out a deal where I actually did not have to return to Sonoma, saving me an incredible amount of time and money. To top it off, Jake is a friendly guy with a great sense of humor, which definitely helps!!”

K.S., Santa Barbara

"Jake helped me move quickly through the process of resolving my DUI charge.  I felt vey well taken care of and was kept informed at each step of the way as to what my options were and how the process would resolve itself.  In addition he helped me reduce my sentence and ultimately turned a bad situation into a reasonable one for me.  I would highly recommend his services."

M.F., Glen Ellen

Solano DUI attorney thank you card saying Awesome"When I was arrested on the road, I was completely panicked. I had never been involved with the legal system before and had no idea how to proceed. By pure luck, I chose to call Dave Jake Schwartz, who answered his phone on Easter Sunday! Jake not only answered my million questions (correctly, no small thing) but was a reliable and knowledgeable voice of calm and comfort all the way through this ordeal. He even made me laugh a few times! Looking back, I made some mistakes, which I have paid for, but I did not make a mistake calling Jake. Thank you, Jake!"

M.M., Guerneville

"From the very first phone call and email exchange I knew that Jake was professional, reliable and highly experienced. Before I was even an official client Jake took the time to review the details of my case and helped me understand how the next days and months were likely to transpire. I felt very strongly that he was the right person to guide me through a complex and very daunting process and I was right. Jake's advice, experience and professionalism were the difference between an utter nightmare and a managable situation. My peace of mind throughout the process was worth far more than his fee. Further, the respect Jake showed me as a client made me feel like a person again and not just a case number."

J.L., Glen Ellen

"It's part of my job to give over and above customer service, but who knew it would exist when hiring an attorney especially with an unusual DUI circumstance. Jake was sympathetic to my needs and explained all scenarios of my case upfront so that I understood. He kept me up-to-date with information. Best of all, we won! Simply put, Jake is the best."

A.D., St Helena

"You've got a DUI and time is of the essence. Don't waste it dithering over who should represent and advise you. Jake Schwartz came thru for me without promising the impossible. I got a call back ON SUNDAY in minutes followed by an appointment in plain English. Jake never bobbled the ball, and he made me feel the process was always under control. When my case was finally adjudicated and Jake's job was officially done he still stuck with me making certain all of the court's orders were complied with, EVEN THOUGH I HAD MOVED TO THE PHILIPPINES TO RETIRE. You will not get this kind of personalized service from big firms. You'll likely get a wet behind the ears kid. Call Jake."

J.C., formerly from Santa Rosa

"Jake was very professional and helpful in assisting with my situation. Having already been convicted of a DUI out of state years ago, I was charged with a DUI and Jake was able to get a "Wet Reckless" plea bargain for me. This almost never happens if the accused has a prior DUI. The charges were reduced and I suffered no loss of driving privileges and no jail time. Additionally, my probation was shortened and my fines were reduced. All of this was done without ever having to step foot in a courtroom. Bottom line, Jake alleviated the stress involved in dealing with a mistake and helped me get my life back on track."

C.K., Napa

"I just want to thank Jake Schwartz for his professional and timely service in my case. I was overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and confusion. Reeling from the harassment by the law enforcement officer and the shock of my situation, I called Jake the next day and he systematically walked me through each step of the procedures that were needed, and eliminating the confusion between the jurisdictional organizations. Having never been in legal trouble before, and not knowing the intricacies of the law and my rights, it was such a relief to know I could call and email Jake whenever I needed and he never once hesitated to answer my questions and quell my fears. I believe that I was very lucky indeed to find Jake because through his skill and experience he was able to turn a very expensive and harsh judgment into a lesser infraction with a much less financial burden to me. He always displayed the utmost patience, understanding and respect in all his interactions with me. I would recommend anyone in my situation to use his services rather than attempting to navigate the complex and frustrating legal system alone."

J.G., Sonoma

"Jake's commitment to availability and support is what made this whole process bearable. He was incredibly organized, timely and supportive of all my questions no matter how big or how small. At an incredibly intense period in my education, I was able to focus on finishing my thesis and enjoy graduating as opposed to worrying about legal problems and I have Jake to thank for that."

E.T., El Cerrito

"I remember when I first talked to Jake. My case seemed simple and he even told me that I really did not need to hire him for my case. I was not sure what I was doing and he seemed honest and straight forward. It was the best decision I have ever made. Jake has been so helpful through this entire process. I never would have known what to do if it was not for him. He never gave me false hope or made promises he could not keep. He always kept me well informed and was able to take action immediately and with speed. Communication was amazing during this process. Hopefully I will never have to hire him again, but if any of my friends ever had this happen to them, I wouldn't let them hire anyone else. I cannot thank Jake enough for all the help he has given me and the peace of mind he gave me during this difficult time. Hiring Jake was definitely the best decision I could have made."

B.B., Santa Rosa

"Let me begin by saying Jake Schwartz deserves more than 5 stars, if applicable I would give him more! Without a doubt, calling Jake was the best decision I could have made after realizing I needed legal representation. I was positively perplexed with Jake's professionalism and intelligence. He organized and took care of my case all the while I was completely detached from it. I was able to practically forget I was ever evolved in such a predicament. Jake satisfied all my questions with much knowledge and was always punctual about answering phone calls and emails, which of course made me feel at ease and comfortable with the situation at hand. My case was dropped from a DUI to a Wet Reckless and Jake was then able to have the case completely dropped in DMV. I did not undergo a suspended license nor were there any raised insurance fees and no points were put on my license. Experience and confidence are departments in which Jake does not lack in! I cannot thank him enough for the corrective assistance he gave me and wouldn't think twice when recommending an attorney to someone in need."

D.C., Santa Rosa

"I feel "seeing is believing". Never having experienced the misfortune of a DUI, I was ill-prepared for what to expect. I attended my appointed court date without the benefit of what my BAC was or what I should have done to prepare in advance. After observing the proceedings, I realized I was in need of representation. I literally followed Jake out of the courtroom after observing his conduct on another case and hired him on the spot. I was not disappointed. He listened to my concerns and objectives and together we developed a strategy that successfully met my goals. He also took the time to explain my obligations and anticipated proceedings. Working with Jake took some of the pain out of a very bad situation."

K.R, Novato

"It was a devastating morning knowing that I had been arrested for a crime I thought I would never commit. After several difficult days, I was refereed by a family member to check out a very informative and extremely helpful website that can decipher what is in store for me. After reading Jake's testimonials, I knew I needed to have him on my side to eliminate any unnecessary obstacles I may face. Jake worked with me diligently and attended to my very unique circumstances, and resolved my case with the best possible outcome. I am now a college graduate and am working extensively, with the help of Jake, to complete all the necessary classes so I can continue towards my promising future. The first headache is gone with all the what-ifs, and now I can focus on the ultimate goal of getting this expunged of my record. I know Jake will be there the whole way through, always helpful and positive about my freedom. Thank you Jake, for making my future bright again."

A.H., Rohnert Park

"I'm so thankful to have hired you to be my lawyer! When I was arrested, and faced with the doom of a possible DUI I was scared and felt hopeless. After speaking with Jake for the first time, my fears were instantly reduced, and I felt comfortable in hiring him to represent me. Jake's extensive knowledge, and experience along with his friendly and caring disposition greatly helped me throughout this process. Because of Jake, I realize that although I made a mistake, I can and will get through this! Thank you Jake for all of your help and support."

M.L., Sebastopol

"Hi Jake, I would like to thank you and let you know that its great to have my life back because of what you were able to accomplish in my DUI case. The nightmare is over. Through yourself and your website it made the most difficult experience I have ever had in my life easily manageable. I thought that living in New York and having to deal with a DUI in California was going to cost me huge expenses and lots of personal time. I was really surprised that you (Jake) handled everything from the West coast. I was extremely happy with the outcome without ever making a trip back to California. I would recommend anyone in DUI trouble in Napa or Sonoma get in touch with you ASAP."

D.C., NY

"I'd like you to know that you've been exceptional through all of this, and I truly appreciate it. You've been extremely supportive, and your demeanor, understanding, availability and willingness to "be there" for any reason is priceless. You are truly gifted, and I think I might not have been able to deal with this situation if you had been any other person. I'm sure you've spent more time on this case than necessary just communicating with both myself and my daughter. At the risk of sounding "hokey," for me, you've been the steady calm in the midst of the storm, and I know I would have been a (worse) wreck without the support that you extended...."

L.A., Mother of Ukiah DUI Client

"Thank you, Jake! I was extremely distraught after getting my DUI and was afraid of the unknown and afraid of the worst. Jake was calm and professional and made me feel safe choosing him all along my DUI journey. Plus, I had a very high BAC level and Jake got me a much better outcome than I thought I would get. I would definitely recommend choosing Jake…he'll make you feel secure with his knowledge and experience. I'm so thankful I didn't go on the scary DUI journey alone."

M.M., Sonoma

Solano DUI lawyer thank you card saying Thank you for guiding "Jake knows the law! From start to finish (and beyond) he guided me through the process informing me of everything I can and cannot do. And everything I need to do. He made himself readily available and answered the same questions as needed. He's patient and professional. He worked for the best outcome in my case, making it easier to get through. And he continues to answer all inquiries after the final hearing. When the city tried to drop a bogus "predatory" charge on me Jake was ready. He sent a billing dispute outlining the law and specifics in my case. I've yet to hear a reply from the city! There's a lot to know about a DUI. I talked with other DUI lawyers who didn't know all of the law and were actually breaking laws. An attorney is a good safe way to go. And be assured, Jake will take care of you. Thanks."

R.B., Rohnert Park

"I was 3,000 miles from home and had no clue where to start after my arrest (I've never had to hire any attorney before). I was scared and afraid that I would be forced to either stay in California or have to keep making trips back here. I found Jake's website and saw where he talked about my situation as an out-of-state resident. I then called Jake and he immediately put my greatest concerns to rest. He calmly and confidently explained how he could navigate me through the complex proceedings of a California DUI. I felt comfortable during that first call to hire Jake on the spot and put my trust in him even though I would never end up meeting him in person throughout my proceedings. He honored that trust and never let me down. He answered all of my calls and e-mails (in detail) and made himself available during evenings and weekends. I never had to return to California for any of the proceedings --- Jake handled everything. In the end, I received the best outcome that we had hoped for. I am so grateful that I made that first call. If you are in this same situation, I urge you to call Jake. I would do it again and would recommend him to any family member or friend."

R.H., Detroit

"Jake, I initially thought I could find my way through this maze by myself, but after talking to you, I appreciated the advantages of dealing with someone who had done this many times before. You laid out the situation and the possible outcomes clearly and logically and gave me a few options relating to possible outcomes. As I went through the process, I realized that I could never have done this without your hand-holding. This was made even more evident when you managed to get the charge and the penalties reduced (though my daughters tell me that "wet reckless" is a term that I won't live down!). Thank you for your help in a difficult situation. You exceeded my expectations."

G.B., Sonoma

"Jake Schwartz helped my case like no other in Sonoma County. He was very professional, friendly and his attention to detail and creative thinking was exactly what my case needed! I would recommend Jake to anyone in need of a DUI or Criminal lawyer. He took the time to talk with me on the phone in detail and sent me all of the paperwork I needed. He really goes above and beyond...I felt comfortable knowing he was on my side!"

G.T. Fort Lauderdale

"Jake- Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service! I found out about you online- someone I knew recommended someone else, but the Yelp reviews won me over- my son's case had a twist to it, and you got him a resolution that was as good as it could have possibly been IMHO. I am happy to say you live up to ALL the good things being said about you: you are smart, compassionate, and competent- you explain what needs to be done, and the process, and then Follow Up on it. To anyone who has any doubts, I would say, absolutely Jake is the guy for a DUI!"

S.S., Placer

"Dear Jake, thank you very much for everything! As a first time offender, I was full of intense anxiety regarding my situation. In addition to my DUI, I was charged with a second offense which was more serious and had me completely terrified. I was looking at serious jail time and had no idea what was in store for me. Luckily, I had Jake as my lawyer. He was very clear in describing possible outcomes, the next steps in the process, and his progress in the case. He always made sure that I understood everything and was always available to answer any questions. When the outcome of my case was explained to me, I was amazed and completely relieved that Jake had achieved the impossible: I had asked for no jail time for my second offense and, miraculously, I received no jail time! Jake worked very hard in order to get the results I wanted and I am very grateful. He is a highly skilled professional, who is extremely knowledgeable and talented. In addition to his professionalism, he also has the ability to make you feel completely at ease during very stressful times. He is very personable, friendly, honest and has a great sense of humor too. Jake is confident in his abilities for a reason: He knows what he is doing! I would highly recommend Jake to anyone who needs legal help. You can put your worried mind to rest knowing that Jake is handling your case. Perhaps this sounds too much like a cheesy TV ad but I mean every word of it. Thanks for all of your hard work, Jake!"

D.S., Santa Rosa

Solano DUI lawyer thank you card saying Awesome"I highly recommend Dave Jake Schwartz as a DUI lawyer. Our son got into an accident in January and Jake was a huge help. After work one night our son went to a bar with a friend before coming home. On his way home he swerved to miss a car, lost control of his car, clipped a tree, flipped his car, and came to a stop on some train tracks, destroying his car. My son panicked and ran from the scene. He ended up with a pretty serious concussion and legal charges of DUI, and Hit and Run, although the only thing he hit was the side of a tree. Contacting Jake was the best thing we could have done. He immediately dealt with the DMV and answered all of our questions. He then went to the hearing representing my son. He got the hit and run dropped, and helped my son through all of the legal procedures regarding the DUI. The city was going to charge restitution for the tree even though it only had a few scrape marks and was growing fine. Jake got the judge to take away the restitution and our son was never put on formal probation. We paid a very reasonable fee up front and there were no hidden costs. We have friends whose son had a DUI charge and they ended up paying almost 3x as much for a much less complicated case. Jake met with us in person and was always returned any calls or email promptly. After the case was settled my son called Jake for advice about an unrelated issue and Jake answered all of his questions at no charge. Hopefully none of our family members will be in this situation again. But if it were to happen, I would immediately contact Jake and have peace of mind knowing that he would competently help us through all of the legal matters, and he would be an outstanding advocate for our family. Respectfully,"

J.S., Napa

"I felt as if a close member of my family were in my corner and doing everything in their power to make this mistake a painless and distant memory. With the utmost care and professionalism you guided me through the adequate steps to close this chapter of my life. You were right about getting me through it. With my sincerest gratitude I thank you."

M.S., Guerneville

"Dear Jake, when I realized the severity of my situation I immediately knew that I needed an attorney. As soon as I first talked to you over the phone, I felt confident and comfortable with having you represent me. You were honest with me about the possible outcomes and you remained kind and understanding toward me. You made it possible to avoid a worst case scenario, and thanks to your guidance I am now on the road to recovery."

E.D., Santa Rosa

"When I was stopped in Napa and arrested for a DUI, I was in shock until my husband posted bail and I was released pending my future court hearing. It was a real nightmare come true and I was scared. The ramifications and complications of dealing with the court and the DMV seemed mind-boggling at the time and the logistics of my living 400 miles away made things even more stressful. I realized very quickly that I could not handle this myself without an attorney. After a day of research online we interviewed several attorneys in the Napa area and found Dave 'Jake' Schwartz, an attorney and resident of the Napa/Sonoma are who seemed to have a very intimate knowledge of the Napa Courts and Law Enforcement. After hiring Jake, and getting into my case, he seemed to be someone who would not only take care of the explicit details, but was also so very personable that he made this horrible experience much less stressful. He took care of all the details with the court, the district attorney and the DMV, and handled all the required communications from the agencies and individuals involved. He was always there by phone or internet and organized a detailed plan with the best options for my case. I could not have survived this ordeal without his diligence and effort. Jake is the guy to have on your side especially up there in Napa. And even though we have never met, except on the phone, to me Jake feels like that great friend or brother who would never let you down. Thanks Jake – you're the BEST !!"

GMR, Los Angeles

"Thank you so much Jake for treating my case so individual as it were, what I mean by that is I had special circumstances that you quickly adapted to and gave me what I needed, and in turn felt at ease with you at the helm of the ship. From the start you were more than cordial on the phone and without hesitation offered your advice and expertise in the matter at hand; you didn't rush me off the phone or try to scare me into hiring you like I had experienced with other attorneys, it was a NO PRESSURE style that made me comfortable from the start, and for that you ROCK!! I would recommend Dave Jake Schwartz for anyone who happens to need a new "legal friend" as Jake truly represents that. Sincerely your client for life. "

D.V., Cotati

"Can't really sum Jake up in words, I'll give it a shot. Jake was able to offer me the peace of mind I needed during this difficult time, and this was just over the phone! He never sugar-coated anything, made aggressive false promises, or anything of the such. Actually he was able to process my frustration and anger at myself and let me know it was going to be tough, but he was going to be right there with me...most of the time for me. I didn't have to appear in court once. Jake is a straight shooter, and that's what I needed. He is the guy you want on your side, in this situation...or ANY. Did I mention without fail he always responded to my questions-the MANY that I had. Jake is the real deal, and he cares."

R.P., Sebastopol

"Jake is a great lawyer. He told me everything that I needed to do very clearly and made a very confusing situation much more easy to understand. Without him, I definitely would have been over-whelmed, missed deadlines, had a warrant out for my arrest, and the list of what he did for me goes on. You can tell that he cares about helping the client and not the money. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance."

A.E., Rohnert Park

Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI lawyer thank you card"If I had to choose one word to describe Jake it would be professional. Others also spring to mind such as helpful, understanding and efficient. When I began researching my options and next steps after being charged with a DUI I found Jake's site at the top of the search results and was immediately impressed with the amount of free and helpful information provided. For a lawyer to provide so much information for free exudes confidence, which is exactly what I found in Jake upon contacting him. He was honest and straight forward about my case, what he provides as a service and even his fees as compared to other lawyers. I decided to hire him and was happy to discover that I made a great decision. Jake helped me through the court and DMV hearings and I could tell he knew the system as a LOCAL lawyer. He was easy to contact and was always prompt to fill me in as each step of the process unfolded. His fees were money were well spent for keeping my license for as long as possible, not missing a day of work and, most of all, for peace of mind during a troubling time. I couldn't be happier with the outcome so thanks again Jake!"

E.B., Forestville

"I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to respond. THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've made it through two of my classes and have my restricted license back. Your attitude, advice, and services kept me at ease throughout the entire ordeal, and I am amazed at my results compared to others' in similar situations. I feel bad for anyone who does not have you representing them in their DUI case, seriously. Thank you again. Hopefully I will not require your services again but I am super glad to have your number, just in case. I don't even know what would have happened to me if the first lawyer I called had picked up the phone!"

K.N., Santa Rosa

"Thank you for the successful outcome of my DUI arrest, resulting in a plea to a lower level offense of wet reckless.  Thank you also for your very prompt and continual responses to my many questions throughout the process.  I appreciate both your professionalism and your empathy.  I loved it when one of your colleagues at the Court approached you for advise on one of his sticky cases. I'd call his recommendation to me reassuring."

D.H., Sonoma

"When I first got my DUI I began researching everything I could do to resolve my case. The information overload on the internet can be misleading so I decided to give some lawyers a call. Jake took the time to detail out all the variables of my case and give me a real prospective of the potential out comes. He helped me to obtain the best possible results for my case with his connections and commitment to a favorable outcome."

J.S., Sonoma

"As a non-resident in need of Jake’s services, I can say that hiring him was the best thing I could have done for myself. He is invaluable, extremely knowledgeable, and helped me through one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to get through. If I didn’t hire Jake, I would’ve been railroaded by the District Attorney and would most likely had to face double the penalty with a longer term of punishment to deal with. He saved me so much heartache and trouble. Through my unusually lengthy process (per my request), Jake was always, prompt, courteous, respectful, realistic, and he helped calmed my nerves on a repeated basis. If I had to go through this process again, I would seek Jake out in a heartbeat and would recommend Jake to my closest friends and family. I can’t say enough about Jake, he is a must-hire and worth every penny. Thanks again Jake, I am confident that this whole situation would’ve been much worse without you."

A.J., Oklahoma City

"Whether it’s your first or you umpteenth, a DUI is scary in today’s world. You need someone who knows the courts, the judges and the district attorneys. Jake is your man. One call to Jake and your fears and worries dissolve. I found Jake’s website and emailed him. He called me back within 2 hours and walked me through a do-it-yourself scenario. But his selling point was simply, “The judge is a lawyer. The D.A. is a lawyer. Do you really want to go to court without a lawyer on your side?” I retained him immediately, and he began processing my case before he received my check. There were only 2 surprises in my case and both were in my favor. I also got a $200 refund on my bail bond by hiring Jake. And although I am still under probation and attending the DUI classes, I feel confident I could call him for advice should any snag occur. Hire this man. He is the best. And DO WHAT HE SAYS."

B.C., Tomales

"When I first got my DUI, I was afraid that it would completely ruin my life. I had a few priors involving alcohol and I was scared that those would compound into a legal situation where I would be facing some extreme consequences. After it became clear I would need an attorney, I started to search for one on the internet. Jake's name was the first to pop up when I searched and every review I saw gave him very positive reviews, causing me to approach with a bit of skepticism. I had heard of businesses paying for good reviews and using other techniques to make themselves look better than they are in order to get more customers, but my experience with Jake was EXACTLY as others foretold. I called a number of attorneys but ended up choosing Jake because through our conversation I was able to pin him as a very personable, straightforward, and knowledgeable person. In our conversation he broke down the situation I was in, what charges I may be facing, provided me with advice, and was able to reassure me that my life would not be ruined because of the DUI. During the half-hour conversation, not once did he try bullying me into being his client, rather, he maintained a sense of professionalism and friendliness that I would later experience once I made the decision to have him represent me. Once I told Jake I wanted him as my attorney, he began working immediately. Due to an unexpected issue with USPS, my payment didn't reach him before my first court date. Jake, however, still showed up and represented me. This was huge, because I am sure that I would be in even bigger trouble had no one showed up. It was great to see that he trusted me, and I repaid that trust to him when he saw that my letter with the payment was supposed to arrive before the court date. Jake kept me involved and informed throughout the entire process and helped me decide my plead. He was able to reduce my sentence, saving me time (I now have to go to 3 months of DUI classes instead of 9) and money. After the sentence, he wrote up an incredibly clear and thorough letter detailing the next steps I needed to take and what I should expect in the future. The letter was extremely helpful. He made the process of dealing with a DUI a lot easier than it would have been had I used a public defender and was able to reduce the charges from what they would have been had I pleaded no contest. Although this was my first experience with an attorney, I don't think it could have gone any better. I HIGHLY recommend using Jake. Great guy and great attorney."

G.M., Davis, CA

thank you "The day before I called Dave was the worst of my life, filled with shame, dread and regret. He was the first and only lawyer I called. His early reassurances helped me to see that the world wasn’t falling apart and that the damage could be contained. Those things have turned out to be true. He told me to let him take care of the legal parts of the problem—which he did, efficiently and expertly—while I took care of myself, my family and the bigger problems I was dealing with. Ninety days later, I feel fortunate to have made that first call to him. I’m making many positive changes in my life. Had Dave not guided me expertly through the mazes of the court and the DMV, I know I would not have been able to improve so much in such a brief time. Thank you, Mr. Schwartz"

J.W., Guerneville

"After my arrest, I worried that I would face severe fines and lose my license for months. I searched online for legal advice, and I decided to call Jake. When we spoke, I felt reassured by his knowledge and experience. Throughout the process, Jake was extremely responsive and provided tremendous help in navigating court and DMV processes. With his support, I obtained a favorable outcome in my case; I avoided jail time completely and gave up my license for just one month. Jake absolutely earned my trust, and I would recommend him to any friend or family member facing DUI charges."

S.K., Burlingame

"I just wanted to say Thank You! Your phone conversation with me answered so many questions. Your positive attitude and understanding concern is so very appreciated! Thank you."

T.R., Windsor

"No one is immune to a DUI. The process of getting through it is daunting and overwhelming. Initially I thought I could represent myself, but then I realized that there was no way I knew enough to get through it gracefully. I searched many a DUI Lawyer web site, but Jake had everything well documented on his web site. Also, he made sure that if some information was not there, he would update it right away. This is how he works: Thorough, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and he knows the next step. He got me through it, represented me in court, and after my probation successfully ended, he helped me win an Expungement, which is no easy thing to do! Now I can get on with my life!! Thank you Mr. David Jake Schwartz! You are the best!"

R.L., Rohnert Park

"Thank you Jake for making an intimidating court process easier to understand. A bad choice on my part lead to potential long term affects on my life. Even before we hired you, you took the time to explain the process to us and made it clear what options were available. You handled everything professionally but made it feel personal too! Thanks to you my record is clear and I can move on. I can never thank you enough. I really appreciate it."

N.B., Petaluma

"I just wanted to thank you so much for representing me with the DMV and for our very successful outcome. I was able to pass the vision and written tests and obtained my license. It was a very joyful day for me which I celebrated by driving out to the beach. I am enjoying my newfound freedom and am most appreciative of your thoughtful, supportive and kind representation. It was truly a pleasure to work with you. Thanks so much again."

C.C., San Anselmo

Fairfield, Vallejo and Vacaville DUI lawyer testimonial card"Jake is the best lawyer in Sonoma County. After viewing his website and reading the testimonials I was a little apprehensive and I thought, 'This is too good to be true.' However, Jake provided me with completely accurate information throughout the entire process. He kept in contact with me every step of the way. I did not have to step foot in a courtroom. We had in depth discussions the night before he went to court for me. He gave me options and choices of what I would like the outcome to be. ..."

K.P., Tennessee

"On New Year's Eve, my 22 year old son drank at a party and then foolishly drove his car. He was stopped by the Highway Patrol and he got a DUI. Thus began our journey into the unknown depths of legal proceedings, paperwork, deadlines, the court, judges, District Attorneys, the DMV, AA meetings a host of intimidating processes. Without Jake as our attorney, we would have been totally lost. Jake is a professional and he knows what he's doing. He successfully navigated all the obstacles for us. For a very reasonable fee, he met with us personally, kept in touch, reviewed our case, told us what to expect, and represented my son in court. All came out well in the end, and we have Jake to thank for it. The words above are sincere and heart felt. Thanks again, Jake, for all you did for us. "

K.G., Napa

"I went on the Internet and searched "DUI lawyer Sonoma County" and found Jake's website. I was impressed by how much information and advice it had on it. I called him and he seemed extremely knowledgeable, sympathetic, and reassuring. I needed to act fast because of that 10 day DMV rule, so I signed up with him that day. Jake told me in my case he could most likely get my charge reduced from DUI to wet reckless, and he did! He handled everything for me and I never had to go to court. Thanks to Jake the D.A. went easy on me! If God forbid I ever have any future alcohol related charges, I wouldn't want anyone else handling my case!"

S.B., Redwood City

"I do want to thank you for all your help. I couldn't have done this on my own, as much as I wanted to." "Hey Jake, just a random note to thank you again for everything. I went to the DMV today and received my restricted license. Most of the people in my DDP program were surprised to find out their court suspension and DMV suspension were two different animals and have subsequently been off the road for up to 9 months in some cases... So thanks! You rule."

K.P., Albany

"We can't thank you enough for helping us through this difficult time, my daughter's DUI conviction coincided with a move across the country. We were apprehensive about handing this sight unseen to an attorney I'd found online, but your immediate response and the information you provided, both on your website and over the phone, put us at ease. Getting her sentence modified so that she could serve it in our current state of residence saved us several trips back to California and a lot of stress and worry. I only wish we'd contacted you from the start."

S.M., Petaluma (formerly)

"Thanks Again Jake! Absolutely best outcome I could have possibly asked for, AND IT WAS TAKEN CARE OF W/IN 24 hrs! (Completely DISMISSED) Now that's representation! Being in a panic, you cured that immediately!!"

M.L., San Diego

"I will never forget my first phone call to Jake; it was less than 12 hours after my arrest and I felt like my world was upside down and that I will never recover. I have never been arrested before, I never thought I would be, and the experience was traumatizing to say the least. Even before I hired him, Jake assured me that the impact will not be as vast as everyone presumes and, especially as a first offender, this is far from a disaster. I cannot even begin to express my appreciation for the way the entire process was handled; he walked me through the steps and turned a nightmare into a very manageable situation. Driving drunk is a bad idea, but we are human and we all make mistakes. I highly recommend Jake Schwartz to anyone who doesn't want one bad decision affecting the rest of their lives."

A.E., Santa Rosa

"Thanks Jake for helping out most efficiently in this unfortunate and potentially nerve wracking situation. You made the procedure much easier to go through, relieving my stress in a very stressful situation. Your advice was indispensable in avoiding some pitfalls that a first time offender could easily fall into, which could easily further complicate the situation. I only wish I hadn't needed your professional services, but thankful you were there when I did."

G.L., Los Angeles

"Being a Canadian Citizen I was worried when arrested for a DUI in Sonoma County, I was unaware of the laws and consequence. I found Jake's website informative and hired him as an attorney, his fee was very reasonable and would highly suggest it to anyone. Jake spent time answering my entire questions and was careful not to overpromise on any results. Jake worked things out so I did not have to return to California and avoided jail time. Jake was always attentive and professional in his dealing. I am thankful for his service."

W.M., Alberta, Canada

"When you are dealing with the consequences of a DUI, it can be overwhelming. The entire process is complex and complicated for those of us that are not fully informed of our rights and the laws. That's where you come in Jake, and how grateful I really am for all the help and encouragement you gave me. Just to know you were in my corner made all the difference. You were very honest with me and explained everything clearly so I wasn't confused. Thank you for putting all this info on your website. You were a breath of fresh air and I would recommend to anyone who needs an attorney, JAKE IS THE VERY BEST!"

D.K., Sonoma

"You are truly amazing!!! I was pulled over for driving on a suspended license following a DUI and was on probation. I was looking at doing some jail time for driving on a suspended license and a violation of probation. I called Jake and met with him. He went to my first court appearance and got all of my charges reduced. No jail time, no work release, just a minor fine and I can continue my daily life. Thanks again. You saved me some SERIOUS time and money."

C.F., Petaluma

Solano DUI lawyer thank you card"Jake is the best! This was my first arrest and I felt overwhelmed. I hired Jake (on the 9th day) and he walked me through every step of the process and made sure I understood what I had to do, when I had to do it, and why. I reside outside of Sonoma County, so it was extremely convenient for me to never have to appear in court. In my opinion, there is No One better at this than Jake. He turned my very scary situation into something my family and I could live with. If I had to sum it up in a phrase, it would be “Peace of Mind” And you can’t put a price on that. Thanks Jake!"

T.H., San Mateo

"I appreciate all of your help, especially with outlining the details so clearly... your assistance has been worth every penny."

J.L., Santa Rosa

"Jake's expertise is clear from the beginning, with his thorough explanations and answers to all of your questions. He takes the time to understand what you want, what your priorities and/or concerns are, and will even meet you during weekends and holidays. I will be referring Jake's services without hesitation."

H.K., Oakland

"When I first telephoned Dave Schwartz I had just been released from the Sonoma County jail. I was scared and didn't know what was in store for me. I located Dave through the internet and with the overwhelmingly positive testimonials I gave him a call. He immediately allayed my fears and with some quick questions and straight forward answers put my mind at ease. He has always promptly followed up and accomplishes more than he states! He helped me turn a .23 with a refusal into the best possible scenario, while almost assuredly retaining my driving privileges. He is well worth the call and who's trust you can count on."

S.S., Santa Rosa

"The morning after I got out of jail, my second phone call was to Jake (best friend first!). He answered my most pressing questions (am I going back to jail? will I ever get to drive again??) confidently and dispelled my initial anxiety. Over the next two and a half months (and beyond!), he continued to deal with my incessant questions with patience and accuracy. Aside from the fact that I did not have to go to any of my court appearances, what I have really appreciated about Jake is that he doesn't lie or exaggerate what he can do. He never told me that I wouldn't face consequences as a result of my poor decision. I certainly have. But I knew what to expect because he prepared me for it, and it's made this process as "painless" as it can be. I trust Jake completely and appreciate his patience and efforts. I would highly recommend Jake if you should ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing him to represent you."

A.M., San Jose

"Working with Jake was a pleasure. Right from the beginning he made me feel as though I made the right decision in partnering with him. His professionalism, attention to detail, and successful conclusion of my matter were very much appreciated. He kept in constant contact with me, easing my fears and walking me through the entire process, and at every step showed patience and concern for my best interests. I would not have made it through without his expertise and guidance and would highly recommend him to anyone facing DUI charges. Thanks again, Jake. I wish we could have met under different circumstances, however it truly was a pleasure to have gotten to know you a bit."

L.H., Santa Rosa

"You be the man. Being an elderly lady and first time offender, I was scared and unfamiliar with what I was about to face. Our first conversation brought tears to my eyes with relief. You clearly explained all my possibilities and how you could make this scary ordeal so much smoother then I ever would have imagined. Thanks so much for being there for me. Could never have been able to do this on my own."

K.G., Sebastopol

"If you find yourself in Sonoma County with a DUI, and you’re reading this, you’ve found where you need to be. I was in this situation, with no prior experience in the California court system, or how to handle any of the legal matters of a DUI. Called Jake, and could not have asked for better help in the situation I was in. Jake handled every matter of the case professionally and genuinely cared about doing the best he could for my, and as you’ll read everyone else’s, DUI case(s). Again thank you Jake for helping me through a DUI without ever stepping foot in a court room, and making my life manageable during such a stressful time. I would highly recommend Dave Jake Schwartz as a California DUI lawyer; he truly will provide top service with excellent results in your favor."

N.A., Oregon

"Having never experienced anything like this in my life, the anxieties and fears were constantly on my mind. Experiencing the arrest, the booking, the fingerprinting and the mandated four-hour wait before being released, I was unsure of what to do. I searched the Web and located Dave Jake Schwartz's site. The amount of information I found there, the complete description of what to do, when and the logical next steps eased some of my concerns. I immediately called him, and within a few minutes I knew I was in competent hands. I followed his instructions and, just as he stated would happen, the entire situation was satisfactorily resolved. I highly recommend Jake as your attorney should you face a similar situation for yourself, a family member or a friend."

J.A., Danville, CA

"Jake helped make the best of a bad situation when I found myself in need of legal representation. After researching DUI attorneys, Jake had more experience, knowledge, confidence and charisma then his colleges. He was available, over the phone or in person and answered my questions without charging more than the reasonable agreed upon amount. He turned my DUI arrest into a wet and reckless misdemeanor. No jail time, lower fines (even payable in an affordable monthly fee), immediately saved my license for five months, not only fought the criminal courts but the DMV for me and basically eased my worries so I could concentrate on other matters. I hope to never need an attorney again but if I do it will be this man! Thanks Jake!"

M.C., Petaluma, CA

"Dear Jake, Thank you for all your help with my incident. You have really helped me to better understand the process and steps to get over and put this all behind me. You have given me much relief knowing I have someone as helpful as you on my side. Thanks Jake! "

J.H., Dublin

"After wrecking my truck, blowing a .09/.08 and being arrested for DUI, Jake got my sentence reduced to a Wet and Reckless and reduced my probation period to 18 months. This also reduced my fines to nearly 1/3 the price of an actual DUI. He has tricks up his sleeve that bought me a little extra driving time as well. More than anything, I appreciate the fact that he lessened the pain by appearing and defending me on the given dates, allowing me to continue to work. Lost work hours can be very expensive also. All of the above alleviated much of the stress involved and was well worth it. Thanks again for your help Jake!"

C.K., Santa Rosa

"Jake, thank you so much for the email [about the DMV win]. I'm so glad it worked out the way it did. I fully believe I would not have got this resolution without you . When this happened I was so confused on the process and my future and you really put my confusion and fears to rest . Thank you, I am forever grateful. I will recommend you to anyone found in my situation. I just can't thank you enough."

J.M., Ukiah

"The morning of being released for DUI, I was nearly hyperventilating over the computer searching for my options with a possible 2nd DUI to contend with. I read through Jake's website and when Jake answered the phone that early Sunday morning, I knew he was a serious attorney. That was very important to me as I was facing 2 years without a license and jail time. Being a sole-proprietor, this would have totally decimated my business and image. Throughout the process Jake assisted in explaining the numerous moving parts of my case in more than one example which alleviated any anxiety and brought clarity to my situation. As Jake dug deeper into my case, he found an opportunity to push my case through without any changes to my driving privilege and no jail time. Moreover, having his support was tantamount, due to the fact I kept this whole ordeal away from my clients, colleagues, friends and family and was able to keep this entire situation private. For all of that, I am truly, eternally grateful."

S.O., Petaluma

"When I first heard about Jake, I was a bit skeptical since he is slightly more expensive than the other DUI lawyers in town. I am now so glad that I followed a friend's advice and hired Jake because his unique willingness to explain this confusing process and receptivity to my fears and needs have been well worth a few extra bucks. His commitment to helping people through this process is displayed by the amazing resource he has created on his website, and by hiring him as my lawyer I feel that I have gotten even greater access to his wealth of knowledge and experience. Further, he has been honest about my choices and the probability of "winning" different parts of my case. He helped me navigate the system to minimize my time off of the road, something that was very important to me since I live about fifty miles from where I work and drive for part of my job. I think that things have turned out as good as they could have and recommend Jake's services to all others that are caught in this precarious predicament."

E.R., San Francisco

"Extremely IMPRESSIVE" are the two words I could easily sum Jake Schwartz up with. I was incredibly happy with the final results/outcome of my case and the entire process of working with Jake, that I really wanted to take the time to acknowledge how great, trustworthy and hardworking he is at what he does and how much he really cares! Finding Jake to help my case was without a doubt the best decision I made. Being a "rule follower" all my life as well as being a young professional with a great career, I was completely freaked out when I got my DUI as I'm sure most people are so of course, I was panicking! "Thinking to myself I cannot believe this is happening I'm not the type of person that could possibly be convicted of a DUI!!!" It was unfathomable to me. Well trust me it happens to absolutely everyone. Once I met with Jake he completely calmed me down. I went from having high anxiety to feeling like I had absolutely everything handled and every basis covered. He was so professional, there for me throughout the entire process, and, if I ever had a question he was immediate with his response. He not only took care of my case and got me the best results possible, but, he went above and beyond with helping me navigate every last detail of this experience! I am BEYOND pleased with hiring Jake and I highly recommend him to anyone!"

E.L., Santa Rosa

"Thanks for the letter and the instructions on how to proceed. I went to my DUI orientation class yesterday...I believe I was the only person in a the very full room who had not lost their license. I sat next to a woman with a heavy Russian accent who told me a bit of her story. At the end I concluded that either [a] she had been taken advantage of and had a truly terrible lawyer, or [b] she was lying convincingly. I gave her your name in case it was the former but she said that it was a done deal. There were lots of people who asked questions indicating that they had been misinformed or underinformed by their lawyers. The SCDUI people stated repeatedly that DUI lawyers don't know the law around this and call them with questions every day. I have to say, I knew the right answers to any questions that pertained to my own situation, though I did not offer this information. Thanks for helping me through this. I have not yet but will definitely write a recommendation for you to post on your incredible website if you like. Your resource lists and links are so extensive and detailed, they would make a social service agency proud."

C.O., Petaluma

"Jake, I heard you prevailed in obtaining a [Special Instruction Permit from the DMV after a lack of skill driver license suspension] for my mother. Thank you very much for assisting my mother with acquiring the approval for, and the issuance of a SIP. She is very happy. It is really appreciated. The rest is up to her on the driving course and the subsequent reexamination. Kudos Sir!"

L.P., Vallejo

"Jake handled my DUI case so quickly and skillfully that it was almost like it never happened. He was extremely thorough in explaining all of my options and helped me get through the entire process with the utmost professional courtesy."

G.F., Santa Rosa

"My Father contacted Dave Jake Schwartz regarding three twenty year old charges to clear $75,000 worth of outstanding warrants, and to settle the disposition of the case. Jake not only accomplished this, but was able to clear all charges and even spent his own time going above and beyond our expectations to assist me in obtaining my license. He was always courteous, professional, and very effective. If you are looking for legal assistance, I highly recommend you call Jake. He is the "Man" when it comes down to finding an honest, hard working lawyer who actually cares about his clients. My entire family is grateful and amazed at the results we received by hiring Jake. I can go on with my life now with a fresh start, and to me that is priceless! Thank you so very much for everything Jake."

S.C., Windsor

"After being charged with a second DUI, I was extremely overwhelmed! Being unsure of what steps to take next, a family friend referred me to Jake. Not only did Jake resolve the case, but he impressed me with his professionalism and experience. Jake was very reliable and trustworthy. His patience and strong communication skills made this process very smooth. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had Jake as my lawyer!" 

K.H., Petaluma

"Calling Jake and hiring him as my attorney for my DUI was seriously the best decision ever regarding this unfortunate circumstance. I am more than pleased with the outcome of my situation. I was so nervous and scared and once I spoke to him, right away I already felt so much better. He was professional, informative and handled everything for me in a timely manner. He went to court for me and my case was closed that same day. He was also very easy to talk to and kept me in the loop the whole time. I made a horrible mistake but I feel so much better knowing that this is now behind me. I hired Jake to help get me through this and he got me through this all the way, with no issues or any additional added stress. I can now move on with my life. Thank you Jake!"

K.J., San Jose

"I could not have found a more professional attorney. The results delivered were timely, just, and beyond my expectations. Jake is no nonsense...period dot! If you have an issue you cant resolve without a lawyer...Hire this one!"

G.R., Holiday Island, AR

"If you happen to have the misfortune of getting a DUI, do yourself a favor and minimize the pain in the neck aftermath by hiring Jake Schwartz as your attorney.  I called Jake after researching DUI lawyers in Santa Rosa on the internet.  His website was clear and concise.  I only wish I would have been as educated as I was after reading his info before I got pulled over and arrested.  I called Jake, and after a brief conversation explaining my situation, he was able to give me a quote and an appointment in a very timely matter.  As you will find out, a DUI ends up being a very expensive expenditure after paying for your new SR22 insurance, your required DUI classes, and your court fines. If you are wondering if hiring a lawyer is worth the added expense, the answer is a resounding yes.  I consider myself a very capable woman, but the sheer amount of information I would have had to research on my own to understand what was required of me, and in what timeline, concerning this DUI, would have been impossible for me to acquire on my own.  Jake presented me with every detail of every step I needed to take to complete the requirements asked of me by the court, my insurance company, AND the DMV, verbally, on paper, and was 100% available by phone and email for any questions I had.  He also appeared in court for me both times, saving me the hassle of missing work. Working with Jake was easy.  He is an approachable, intelligent man with a great sense of humor.  He made it vehemently clear to me that he was going to be there for me every step of the way, and he most certainly was.  I can't recommend him more highly, as I am certain that this experience could have been one of the most painful, frustrating things to get through on my own, or worse, navigated through with another lawyer.  You know what I mean if you've ever had to hire a lawyer and afterwards you were left with the questions: "Did I even NEED a lawyer?", "Is this guy working for me or the prosecution?", or "What the heck was I even paying for?""

T.Z., Santa Rosa

"Hey Jake, it was wonderful working with you. You made this process a lot easier than it could have been and you helped me through each step which I greatly appreciate! I was definitely very nervous at first because my job requires me to drive a good amount but you kept me on the road for as long as we could. I would recommend anyone with a DUI to contact you. I know if it is in your power you will help them but most importantly you did a very good job informing me each step of the way what was going to happen so that there were no surprises. Again I'm incredibly greatly for all you did to help me through this situation. Thank you."

M. M., Kenwood

"Jake - Thank you so much for turning a very unfortunate situation into a positive life lesson. From the minute I called for your assistance to the final hearing - you have been a friend, a cheerleader and my amazing attorney. Mistakes do happen and you taught me that I would survive and I did! Thank you for your kindness, compassion utmost professionalism and your expertise in DUI law!! If you are looking at this site because you need help out of your situation - call Jake!!"

L.C., Napa

"I cannot recommend Jake Schwartz highly enough. After receiving my first DUI in a county several hours from my residence and with a significant BAC level I did not immediately know where to turn. I came across Jake's website and seeing the other positive endorsements and how informative it was and how thoroughly everything was put together, I figured I would put in a call. When Jake and I spoke that first time on the phone he put me at ease and walked through the entire process. I knew that I did not need to go searching for any other attorney to handle my case. Ultimately, Jake was able to get me a very favorable resolution given the circumstances and I was able to handle all of my obligations in my home county. If you get a DUI in Mendocino County, Jake is the first person you should contact."

N.C., Albany

"Jake has been the most helpful, accommodating, realistic, and knowledgeable aid throughout this entire process. I cannot thank him enough for his kindness and care in handling my case. No one ever wants to have to deal with a DUI in their lifetime, but Jake makes the process easy to understand and somewhat more bearable. The sense of relief that comes with him handling your case is well worth it. Thank you Jake!"

J.G., Santa Rosa

"After getting my second DUI, I was in a state of shock and despair. Once I called Jake, things immediately started to improve. His thorough knowledge of DUI law was impressive and his counsel helped limit the consequences of my arrest. In my case, however, it was the sense of comfort that his personal support and availability provided that was truly priceless. He worked me through the process every step of the way, and got me moving towards the path of closure. For that, I am forever grateful."

B.L., Laguna Beach

"I've been meaning to send you a note regarding our meeting and court date last week. When I left your office, I knew that regardless of the court outcome, I had a great respect for you as a person. You seem like you really care about your clients and people in general. I've never bought into the anti lawyer crap. Where would we be without people like you who stand up for our rights."

L.K., Guerneville

"Today is a bright and sunny day... now that I have my license back... without your experience and help I would not be on the road... your competent judgment and advice saved me unimaginable grief and anxiety and I do appreciate the "hand holding" you provided when I needed it most. You are communicative and have excellent "people" skills, qualities I consider essential in an attorney. I found your rates reasonable and your DMV experience irreplaceable. I learned a lesson I will never forget; when dealing with the DUI process and DMV one should always have a good attorney. You are the attorney I would most recommend in these cases."

B.E., Napa

"The night I got my DUI was one of the most embarrassing and scariest experiences. This was my first time getting into any kind of trouble with the law. I was devastated and felt lost. I decided to call Jake the next day, after our conversation I felt more at ease. Nothing is going to change what happened that night, but we can control the outcome of the mess we got ourselves into. I’m glad I had Jake representing me. He walked me through each step, and made it as easy as possible for me. He was very honest and realistic about my situation, and was always there to answer any questions. I highly recommend him. Thank you Jake! "

N.G., Los Angeles

"I would recommend Jake Schwartz to anyone who has been arrested, and has no idea what to expect. I was a nervous wreck and thankfully a friend recommended Jake to me. I was so scared, and stressed that I could not sleep and lost 12 lbs. in one month. After Jake went to court for me, we met, and I finally understood all of the legal aspects of my DUI and the consequences. I felt much better and started to sleep a little bit better. Everything that Jake arranged for me and all of his instructions I followed to a "T". Thank you Jake, I would not have been able to navigate this ordeal without your expertise."

T.A., Santa Rosa

Solano DUI lawyer pen to paper "Thank you so very much for the very professional and successful way you represented my son in his court case on the DUI. I appreciate your counsel and the outstanding material you have on your website."

J.T., San Ramon

"I would like to express my gratitude for your help, advice and expertise. You consistently answered my emails/questions in a very speedy way, always looking out for my best interest. It was a relief to know that you were so accessible and knowledgeable throughout this process. This was the first time that I was ever pulled over for drinking and driving. Dealing with the dual process of [Santa Rosa DMV & Sonoma County Court] was confusing and very overwhelming. What first impressed me with you was the wealth of information contained on your website. After spending time reading the anatomy of a DUI on your website, and understanding the dual process, it was very clear to me that you were the attorney for me. You guided me through the (court and DMV) and answered all my questions. Thanks to you... I only stayed 6 days off the road... Thanks Jake! I cannot recommend Jake enough, I can't imagine dealing with all the stress and consequences of a DUI without him. It is well worth it! The best $$$ you'll ever spend!"

I.M., Petaluma

"Choosing Jake as my lawyer was one of the best decisions I have ever made!! Working full time and taking care of 2 kids by myself is overwhelming as it is and takes up all of my time; I didn't know how I would be able to deal with the stress, appointments, paperwork and most of all not driving. Jake took care of EVERYTHING and he kept me on the road!!! I could not be happier with Jake, his honesty integrity, communication and hard work go above and beyond the fee he charged. THANK YOU!!!!"

G.P., Sonoma

"Thank you for your time. More importantly, thank you for giving me the straight talk about this."

T.P., Novato

"I'll cut right to the chase here, Jake. You saved me a lot of time, money and heartache. Your system and approach in dealing with my unfortunate DUI experience was not only successful but far greater than I ever imagined it would be. There is only one DUI attorney listing in any phone book I would refer a friend to, or anyone for that matter, and that attorney is you, Jake. THANK YOU!"

C.B., Guerneville

"Here's a small token of my appreciation for your assistance and also welcoming me in your office. You give lawyers a good name!"

S.M., Santa Rosa

"From the exact moment I hired Jake, he began to take action. He assured me he had everything under control, and he did. He handled everything and kept me informed every step of the way. I never could have figured this stuff out on my own. In the end he came through with real results, getting me a wet reckless, only 18 months probation and pretty much the smallest fine possible. Jake is my hero!!! Don't worry anymore: hire Jake and he'll take care of you."

M.C., Sebastopol

"I knew that I needed help so that my case could be presented in court with clarity and with the good intention that it deserved. The care and professionalism you devoted to my case was exactly on target and I am relieved that it ended with a total dismissal! You are the best!"

M.L., Healdsburg

"Sincere thanks for helping me through the emotional and confusing experience of a DUI. You were personable to work with and seemed genuinely interested in my case getting resolved with the least negative impact on my life. The advice you gave me was spot on. I appreciate the approach you took in working with me to set expectations and in achieving those for me."

K.B., Sonoma

"I appreciate all the time and effort you took on my behalf, I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have an expert such as yourself on MY side. You went way above and beyond and surpassed my expectations. Because of your relentless efforts and expert counsel, I was saved the humiliation and embarrassment of going to court and got my driving privilege restored almost immediately. I really appreciate that you were always available to answer my questions and really took the time to clearly explain the process and my options."

P.R., Santa Rosa

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I got my license back last week (YAY!) I wanted to thank you for all of the help and support. I don't think I would have been able to handle court without your council and I know I wouldn't have gotten my license back so soon without your help with the DMV. Thank you so much."

J.H., Santa Rosa

"Thank you for your representation. Without your help and advice, I believe the whole process would have been more difficult with worse consequences."

D.P., Sebastopol

"Thank You for all your help during this stressful time for me. I don't know how I would have done it. Your professionalism in keeping me up to date and informed, your knowledge of the laws, and being available any time when I had a question, should be commended. Although you have other clients, you made me feel that I was the most important one. From working with you, I know that you make all your clients feel that way. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a DUI lawyer."

R.T., Santa Rosa

"Thank you so much for all your help. I really do appreciate it. I thought you were thoroughly professional in that you always kept us informed promptly as to how the case was proceeding; you explained things well and cleared up matters as to what the DMV was looking for, and you were persistent in getting Dr. _ to give us his opinion."

M.P., Santa Rosa

"Although we are not Sonoma County residents, your site became a beacon for my family during a long Marin County legal process and it helped us with our attempts to understand the underage DUI legal system/requirements/penalties in California. The links are excellent – they helped us locate our local court calendar which enabled us to stay informed on how our teenage son’s case was or was not progressing. It helped with gathering early DMV information necessary to apply for a critical need license, locate DUI school information etc. The website was a goldmine of information. Had we found your site prior to hiring our attorney, since you do not serve Marin County, we would have followed your recommendation of another attorney to best assist us."

M.V., Marin [Jake: I do take Marin cases from time to time]

"Jake was such a comfort during my 2nd DUI case. I was so scared and did not know what to do. I called Jake and he answered immediately and explained everything that was going to happen in a way I could understand. Any time I had a question I called and he answered right away. I showed up for my first court date so scared and ran into Jake and he took me in to stand before the Judge right away; my time there was shortened by hours. DUIs are scary and tough but with Jake's help and confidence it went a lot smoother. I would recomend him always. Thanks again Jake."

J.A., Cotati

"Dear Jake,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your time and attention towards defending the legal matters concerning my husband.

Living in Mendocino County and married to a West African immigrant, we have had our fair share of legal matters that ultimately resulted in "misunderstandings" by the law enforcement. Unfortunately, I believe this matter to be yet another situation that may have been racially motivated.

My husband is a card carrying medical marijuana patient. He was pulled over for a traffic offence and then asked to get out of his car. Without explanation he was put into the back of a police car and placed under arrest. He remained in jail for three days. Needless to say, his arrest was very unsettling for our family, as immigration and deportation were an major concern. Not to mention the fact that his rights were violated.

As soon as we were referred to you, our situation changed for the better. After our first meeting, I felt confident in your ability to adequately defend my husband. The information you shared and the strategies you proposed were clearly based in knowledge and experience. I appreciated your attentiveness not only to the details of the case but also to the efforts put forth to accomadate our particular circumstances. ie; inviting an interpreter to our meetings and helping to facilitate the immigration issues.

In the courtroom I found your approach to be assertive, competent and professional. Your initiative resolved the case quickly and avoided costly litigation fees. With your representation my husband was treated with dignity and was afforded his rights as a medical marijuana patient.

I would undeniably refer you to any of my friends or family in need of legal support.

Thanks again for everything."

F.D., Willits


Any result portrayed was dependent on the facts of that case, and the results will differ if based on different facts.

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